Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fifteen And Forty

No one warned me
that at forty
it would be
just as tough to ask a girl out
as it was at fifteen.

That’s several lifetimes
ago and I’m many times
more confident, but
“no” is till no.
So I still hesitate to ask for a date
like I was still a teen.

Life can be so mean.
I mean why didn’t anyone warn me
that at forty
all the gaul I have at work
would melt away
every Saturday?
What’s this quirk
of human nature,
or is it just my nature?

Sure I’m Mr. Tough Guy
on the job
but after hours they just rob
me of my title,
these women I’d love to date,
and I hesitate
to ask them out
like I was still fifteen.


Shy boy,
extrovert girl,
chemistry from the start.

Adolescent exploration
that seemed destined to last

Or should I say it stopped?
Paused, maybe.

Decades later sparks flew again;
and fly,
in dreams, for now.

After years of change and growth,
and miles of separation,
chemistry remains.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Destiny Lesson

Why do we forget
lessons learned about

Are we destined to repeat
our failures forever,
forgetting to comprehend the mistakes
that send us
on this endless
loop of broken hearts
and false starts?

Why can’t we move on,
not in failure,
but in anticipation of the success
our new knowledge can bring us
in new relationships

I Blew It

I wanted to meet you.
I watched you as you
watched the band.
Our eyes met a couple times
and we both cracked those small,
self-conscious smiles that say
it's OK to meet,
but then we quickly looked away,
neither knowing what to say.

But some guy sure did.
He gabbed a mile-a-minute
with you and your friend,
mostly your friend.

And as the band took a break
I quietly left Club Blue
and went home alone again,
blowing a perfectly good chance
to meet you.